Crying Baby

Amelia woke up at about 21:30 last night. She started moaning and then proper crying.

Victoria went up and nursed her and she appeared to go back to sleep but 2 minutes later she was crying again. I went up and she was really upset. She was arching her back, screaming and amazingly enough still asleep!

We brought her down. She was still crying. Victoria nursed her and she appeared to calm down but would then start screaming again. We tried medicine, milk and talking to her but all to no avail.

We then put her on the floor to have a crawl (she was awake now) but she just sat there.

We were getting worried. Was it another ear infection? Teething? Bad dream? It's very difficult to know with such a young child and it is VERY stressful.

Victoria then asked me to get her some water which I did. She took one sip, burped, and was totally transformed into her normal self!

It was wind.

We were very relieved but should really have thought about that before.

I hate it when little children cry and can't tell you what the problem is.


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