Clarkson Didn't Go Far Enough

It has been reported today that Jeremy Clarkson apparently called Gordon Brown a'One-eyed Scottish idiot' on Australian radio.

Of course all the usual morons are jumping on the bandwagon and saying it is an outrage and the BBC should sack Clarkson. Even the RNIB have called the comment offensive for some reason.

Personally I don't think Jezza went far enough. I think he missed out the words 'lying', 'fat' and of course 'cunt' in his description of our PM. I could go further but you get the idea.

There are lots of labour politicians calling for Clarkson to be sacked. Is it not true that if every politician was sacked for everything they said that was considered wrong or offensive by someone there would be no politicians left? Actually that might work as a way to rid ourselves of these parasites. :-)

Also, let's face it, who has done more for the UK? Brown or Clarkson?

Well Gordon Brown has provided a thriving economy for the last 10 years that was unfortunately funded by massive borrowing, spending the huge amount of cash surplus he inherited from the Conservatives and plunging the country into massive debt for no benefit, leaving us in a terrible position to weather the current economic situation which he then tries to fix by spending even more borrowed money. The word idiot just does not come close.

Jeremy Clarkson has entertained me for years with his ridiculous comments and observations and provides Victoria and I with a much loved TV show on a Sunday night.

I would say that Clarkson has done more good. :-)

One eye'd Scottish idiot indeed? Time to go further in our insults of this expletives magnet.


Chris said…
"spending the huge amount of cash surplus he inherited from the Conservatives and plunging the country into massive debt for no benefit".

The fact that you believe this to be true says less about Gordon Brown, and more about what happens when the Tory party elect a PR man as their leader.

National Debt doubled under Major. Labour inherited a PSBR of £5 billion and the national debt (as a percentage of GDP) was a massive 43.6%.

Bear in mind next time you hear Cameron go on about "Record Debt" that UK debt has hit record levels almost every year since the second world war. This was as true under the Tories as it has been under New Labour.
The Author said…
There is a group on facebook called "Clarkson for Prime Minister" should join!
I am only repeating what John Humphries said on radio 4.

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