I Have Found The Grail!!!

About 14 months ago I bought myself a Nikon D50 digital SLR. It came with a very servicable 18-55mm zoom lens. However, it only zooms to 55mm which is OK for general photography but no good when you want to get closer. I thought about buying a second lens to cover the 55-200mm range but that would mean I had to carry 2 lenses with me.

I then read about the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR DX Zoom from Nikon. This would solve all my problems!! Wide angle to zoom in one smallish lens. It also had VR (Vibration Reduction) allowing you to virtually eliminate camera shake, even at low shutter speeds and long zooms. All this for a mear £500!

Unfortunatly everyone else thought the same. I have tried for 12 months to get hold of this lens but it would have been easier to get Tony Blair to admit he's a twat.

I have signed up to 5 or 6 websites who have promised to email me when the lens is in stock but they never have any. I have phoned every camera shop in the Sheffield area to ask if they could get me one and each one has laughed at me like I was asking for the moon on a stick.

I was beginning to give up when I did a froogle search and found this website that claimed to have one in stock. I grabbed for the credit card, filled in the registration form and was about to click the 'Buy' button when I decided to ring them first to check that they did actually have one. The answer was yes!!!!!

I still didn't believe it. Even when the money was taken from my card and the order on the site said it had been posted I thought that it would be the wrong lens. Not until this morning did I believe my quest was over when I opened the freshly delivered parcel and gazed upon this optical beauty. It was indeed the correct lens!!! I have found my grail.

Pitty I didn't get it last week though as I have taken about 300 photos this week while I have been off. Oh well. It's here now and that is all that matters. :-)


The Author said…
Ooh David bailey - check you out!!! When I bought my camera I bought the 55-200 lens also - so i can't buy this new one as that would be overkill. I still haven't worked out how to use my camera apart from on "Auto"...please don't shout at me!!! I look forward to seeing lots of close-up pics of tiny things, and things that are far away!!!

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