My Easter Week Off.

As I mentioned previously, I have had the week off. It's been a great week even though we have only had a half functional bathroom due to the tiler not being available until today.

We started off the week by going round to my mum's on Easter Sunday for lunch. Much wine was consumed and as the weather was so nice we spent most of the afternoon in the garden. Alice loved this and spent the whole afternoon exploring. Pictures are here.

In the evening we watched the Malaysian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton seems to be rather bloody good!!

On Tuesday Victoria, my mum and I took Alice to the Beamish museum. Here they have recreated an entire 19th century town, mining village, farm and manor house. The place is massive and you travel around on trams and old vintage busses. All the people who work there are wearing period clothing and are well versed on the subjects they are portraying. If you want to know something about what you are looking at you just ask. It's great. In the village you can buy things from the shops. The old sweet shop is fantastic. They even make traditional sweets on the premises.

It costs £16 for an adult to get it but that is pretty much all you pay for. Victoria even made up a picnic for lunch which was nice. Well worth a visit. Pictures from Beamish are here.

On Wednesday we did nothing apart from go to Coles to buy some towels for the new bathroom. £133 for two sets!! I thought I got away with it pretty lightly.

Thursday we went to Filey as Alice really likes the seaside. She wanted to build a sandcastle and we wanted to sit on the beach and eat chips like we did as kids. Before we went to Filey we visited a nearby RSPB reserve where we saw seabirds nesting on the cliffs. We even saw some Puffins!!!

We then went to Flamborough lighthouse which was....a lighthouse, and then we finally went to Filey. What a shit hole!! Full of chavs and very tacky. We finally found a chip shop and a little patch of beach that was not full of chavvy children called Trinity and we managed to give Alice a crash course in sandcastle construction.

We were a little bored there though so we decided to go to Bridlington instead. Surprisingly it was much nicer than Filey. They have their chav areas full of fairground rides and arcades but they are all at one end of the town, leaving the rest of the seafront for humans. Pictures from our Filey/Bridlington trip are here.

Friday was obviously a day of celebration in aid of my new lens. :-)

I've had great week off and I could do with another one next week. Oh well, mortguage to pay, Alice needs some shoes etc.....


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