Victoria and I visit London, again!

As I said in my previous post, Victoria and I went to London this weekend. We had a great time and as it is now Sunday evening I am feeling miserable as it is all over and I'm back to work tomorrow.

So, what did we do? Firstly, as we didn't have Alice on friday night we went for a meal at Moran's, our favourite restaurant. I had the smoked chicken salad for starters and the calves liver for a main course and Victoria had goats cheese en croute with roasted veg and the cod and mussels for a main. It was as usual outstanding and the service was fantastic. I would still recommend you all go.

The next morning we had to get up at 6am due to the train leaving Chesterfied station at 07:40. As we had drunk too much wine and I'd finished off with a whiskey the night before this was not much fun!! Once we were on the train though we could relax and were fine from then on.

We arrived in London at about 10:40 and got the tube to the Victoria and Albert museum. We wanted to see the Kylie exhibition but as the tickets were only for certain times we did not have time so we just looked around the rest of the museum instead. It was amazing. The best part being the plaster casts of objects too big to move or too rare to acquire. We saw casts of massive pillars that took your breath away, and a cast of Michelangelo's David, which is massive!!

After the too short visit to the museum we took the train to Leicester Square as we had lunch booked at Ooze, the risoto restaurant recommened by Chris and Liv. They were not wrong when they said it was good. I had the seabass risotto and Victoria had the meatballs risotto. Both were exceptional and luckily Victoria is now inspired to create more risotto herself, which is good for me. The only issue we had was that the waitress had a very strong accent which was hard to understand but I am really picking at straws here. Thanks to Chris and Liv for telling us about this place.

After lunch a walk was needed as we were both stuffed. We wandered down to Covent Garden. As we approached we saw a guy dressed as a human statue. He was very good. Unfortunatly his act was slightly diluted by the other 6 people doing the same thing. Oh well. The buskers were good and the place had a really nice atmosphere.

We wandered up to the Dominion theatre at 14:00 ish as the reason for the visit, to see We Will Rock You, began at 14:30. We were not sure what to expect with this show. We both love Queen music (anyone who does not must be deaf or without a soul) but we didn't know how it would work in musical theatre. In the end it was bloody fantastic!! The story was about how real music has been banned in the furure and replaced by generic computer generated pop. The story is then the standard 'hero's journey/quest' to rediscover music while being chased by the nasty authorities and their boss the 'Killer Queen'. Sounds crap but it is very good. The music was fantastic, being Queen, the performers were amazing singers/dancers/actors, it was very funny and very enjoyable. I particularly liked the way it started with an old hippy talking about the day the music died and although he does not know the date he knows it was started by something called 'Pop Idle'. There were also digs at Britney Spears latest haircut and many insults to the generic mass produced pop that saturates todays charts.

This is another show I would highly recommend. 10/10!

After the show we went to Harrods. We wanted to visit the food court but we also wanted to see the Dianna/Dodi memorial at the bottom of the Egyption staircase. Harrods is tacky at the best of times but you have to see the memorial to believe it. I was doing to take a picture to show you but there were too many people doing the same. Just trust me, if you are in Harrods, go and see it. It is the most horrible thing in history. Try not to laugh like we did as you get some funny looks!

We then went to the food court and bought some runny, smelly Gorgonzola, some duck and olive terrine and some game pate, and some nice bread to go with it. Victoria also persuaded me to buy her some Laduree Macaroons which are delicious but you get 8 for about £10!! Still, it makes Victoria happy so it's worth it.

We then decided a quick drink was needed and my mum had recommended Harvey Nichols cocktail bar. We went there, walked in and walked straight out again. It was very busy, they didn't appear to serve beer and it was filled by the biggest collection of wankers I have ever seen! We decided to go back to the train station and have a coffee instead.

Our day in London was really good. We were going to stay overnight originally but I said to Victoria that if we just went for the day we could go the British Grand Prix in July as well as two tickets are about the same price as a night in a nice London hotel. She chose the grand prix. :-)

So, if in London and you want a nice meal for a reasonable price, try Ooze, and if you want to see a show (and like Queen) go and see We Will Rock You. We enjoyed both.

There are pictures here. I didn;t take too many as they frown upon cameras in the museums so I padded them out with pictures of the food we bought in the Harrods food court!


The Author said…
Oh now I get it. I come to Sheffield and fail to meet up with you, so you then come to London and fail to meet up with me!!

Glad you had a nice time and yes - I agree - the Di/Dodi thing at Harrods is TACKY TACKY TACKY.
OboeJane said…
What a missed opportunity! In Knightsbridge the ONLY place to drink is Townhouse (2 mins from Harrods) for a Pornstar Martini.
OboeJane said…
[you have to embrace your inner tw@t]

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