New Bathroom

We are having a new bathroom fitted. The old one was a bit knackered when we moved in and we tarted it up a little a few years ago but we sort of got used to it and didn't notice the fact it was crap anymore.

We recently decided that it was about time to have a new bathroom fitted and today was the first day of the fit.

The workmen arrived at about 8:45 and started by laying dust sheets. They were a happy and friendly lot and they were made even happier and more friendly when Victoria laid on tea and cake. It's always a good thing to keep the workmen happy we think.

They then went upstairs and started working away happily. When I left for work at about 09:30 they were pulling the shower off the wall and removing old tiles.

Anyway, I got home and they had made very good progress. The picture above shows what our bathroom currently looks like. Note the yellow bucket which is to be used to flush the toilet. Nice.

Apparently it will all be finished either by the weekend or Tuesday at the latest. We then just need to wait for the tiler (called Steve) to come and do his stuff but he can't come until next weekend. DOH!!

I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.


The Author said…
At first glance I thought you'd been arrested and this was a picture of your cell (complete with huge botty-burgling mad-axe murderer)...look out Tracy Barlow, that's all I can say.
Don't forget to fill to bucket BEFORE you go to the loo!!!!

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