Bathroom Day 2

After another day's hard graft by our friendly workmen our bathroom is looking much better. We have a proper toilet (with an actual flush) a sink and a bath!!! Amazing.

They have also put in some drop lights, one of which is an extractor. You can't see these on the picture of course as our bathroom is only small and my wideangle lens is only so wide.

It is day three now and they are back again. I thought they would not be working today as it is Good Friday but they were here at 9am. Today they want to get the lights working so they are climbing around in the loft. I am sat here in the office typing this and trying to look like I am doing something useful.

As it is Easter I am off for a long weekend and I have booked the rest of next week off as well. We are taking Alice on some more daytrips which will be nice.


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