More Alice Growing Up and Victoria's Birthday

Alice spent her first night in a 'proper' bed last night. Yesterday afternoon Victoria converted her cot to a little bed. This is all very exciting!!

The bed is only about 6 inches from the ground and we padded any potential falls with a generous round of pillows and a rolled up duvet but this did not mean that Victoria and I were able to sleep at all last night. In fact we were both awake for the majority of the night listening to the baby monitor, waiting to hear a thud!!

We checked on her several times and most of the time she was fast asleep in her new bed. At about 4am though we found her about half way accros her room curled up against the wardrode. How she got there I don't know. Victoria scooped her up and put her back in bed, and that was where she stayed.

Well done Alice. :-)

Today is also Victoria's 34th birthday. I bought her lots of very generous presents as I am the best husband ever. Actually I am probably still trying to make up for buying her a bottle of Diamond White for her 21st!!

We are having Rob and Lucy round on Saturday to celebrate which will be great fun.

Happy birthday sweetie.


The Author said…
Happy Birthday Victoria!!! Hope you had a good one!!!

Lots of Love Tracy and Dan xxx

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