A Sad Day For Formula One

Michael Schumacher has announced that he is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the 2006 season.

Although many people don't like him, say he has no personality and seems to win all the time, he is possibly the greatest racing driver we will see in our lifetime.

Since he began in 1991 racing for Jordan he has won 7 championships (the previous record was 5) and it looks like he might win an 8th this year, won 90 races out of 242 and achieved 69 pole positions. He has broken every record in the book and has to be the best wet weather driver ever.

Some may argue that Senna was a better driver but we never saw them race each other while they were at their best so we will never know.

Schumacher was not only the best F1 driver for the past 15 years, he also changed the fortunes of Ferrari, who before Schumacher had not won a championship for 21 years!! He has a knack of pulling together the best team of the engineers and stratagists that get him into the position he wants to be in, thereby building a great team instead of just concentrating on his own performance. This is why he is one of the greatest drivers. As everyone who knows anything about F1 knows, it is a team sport.

I think that next year there will be a big gap in F1 and it will take a long time to fill it.

Ferrari have recruited Raikkonen to replace Schumacher but he has no chance of being a replacement. He's to dull!!!

I think our only hope is Alonso. He's young, fast and moving to McLaren next year.

Whatever happens, Schumacher will be missed. Let's hope he get's one last championship!!


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