Growing Up

Last night was a big night for Alice. Last night was her first night in Pyjamas instead of a babygrow.

Victoria bought two pairs of PJ's for Alice this week instead of replacing her rapidly declining babygrows. To the right you will see a picture of Alice modeling pair number one.

She looks so cute. When she is asleep she's looking like a proper little girl. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. It does not seem almost two years since she was born and here she is with an almost full set of teeth, talking almost in sentences and now wearing PJ's.

I know this little advance may seem inconsequential to some of you but Victoria and I, as I imagine do all parents, get really excited by the smallest thing.

Anyway, that's all for now.


The Author said…
She looks so lovely - all grown up - a proper little lady (I'm a lady!) She's so beautiful - must take after her Auntie Tracy !!!!! You and Victoria must be so proud - and I love the fact that you notice and mark all these little milestones. Wait until she spills her first cup of black coffee on the carpet :)

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