The Greatest USB Device Ever!!!

Ever since Phil and I saw them on The Register a few months ago we have dreamed of the day we would take delivery of our very own USB Missile Launcher.

That day for me was last Friday.

The launcher is bigger than you might think, the pictures you see online not really showing it in it's full glory!!

After opening the box, inserting the batteries, plugging it into a spare USB port and installing the software we were ready to go.

The software gives you an onscreen control panel for aiming and firing the spring powered rockets. You get left, right, up, down and fire. Once you have aimed and you press the fire button you can hear the spring pulled back and a second later the rocket fires, projecting it about 10 feet. Not the greatest distance but plans are afoot for an 'upgrade' :-) Anyway, as long as it reaches Mr Callaghan's desk who cares?!?!

Buy one of these!!

They are great.

Of course your better half will not understand. As Victoria put it when I explained what it was : "so it is a posh way of flicking rubber bands at each other".



Anonymous said…
Is this a declaration of WAR???

Another USB widget you might be interested in:

Anonymous said…
Christian... Maybe you could fill it with sharks with fricken lazer beams... Fish Tank
The Author said…
Honestly Christian - will you EVER grow up? Don't bother answering that one because I already know the answer - and the answer hasn't changed for 14 years I don't suppose it will change now!!! Have fun with your new toy - but be careful - you'll have somebody's eye out with that!!!!!

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