Restaurant Review - The Supper Club

After the worry that Alice would be too ill for us to go out for my birthday it was a relief when Alice had perked up enough to be dropped of at my mum's. In fact when she got there she took one look at the cats and cheered up even more.

It seemed a close call for a while but we were all set to go at last.

We went out with Alice's Godparents, Rob and Lucy. They are always excellent company so we knew we were on for a good night.

The table was not booked until 9pm so we went to Rob and Lucy's house first for a few glasses of wine before heading of to the restaurant. They have just had their kitchen extended which looks fantastic so Victoria and I were rather jealous!!! ;-)

The Supper Club is on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. It used to be called Carriages but last year it was re-decorated and had the name changed. The interior does look much better and there is now a separate bar area as well as the restaurant. The menu is mainly English dishes with a few extra's such as a Thai salad thrown in for good measure. The wines were priced at about £15 a bottle for a Pinot Noir (which was very nice) so not too expensive for a restaurant.

We arrived at about 20:30 and sat in the bar for a quick Gin and Tonic while we chose what we wanted to eat. For starters I had Duck with Thai salad and everyone else had the Fishcakes. The Fishcakes were apparently the chef's signature dish and were delicious. They look like a tennis ball covered in breadcrumbs!! The Duck salad I ordered was also fantastic.

For main course I went for the Seabass. This was served with a herb crust and muscles in a very slightly curried sauce and was fantastic. I normally order the fillet steak whenever I go out as I have a love of very rare (blue) meat, but watching Rick Stein on the food channel has inspired me to eat more fish and I'm pleased I did.

Victoria and Lucy had the Lamb, which was also delicious, and Rob had the Beef. This is a curious dish which I had on my previouss trip to The Supper Club. It is described on the menu as something like 'A piece of beef with it's own steak and kidney pie' and when it arrives it comes on a long plate with the beef, a little steak and kidney pie and a little jug of gravy. I remember it being very tasty and Rob enjoyed it this time. We also ordered a portion of vegetables and a side salad. The veg was excellent value as you got loads of different types all nicely cooked in a big bowl. The salad was a bit disappointing as it looked like a bag of mixed leaves had been opened into a bowl, but this was the only disappointmentt of the night.

We were all too full for any sweets but we did order one for us all to share. We had chocolate shots with strawberries. We got six shot glasses filled with melted chocolate and with two strawberries perched on top. You dip the strawberry's into the chocolate and munch away. Really delicious and a nice way to have a sweet without actually eating much more.

We had a really good night out at The Supper Club. The service was quick, the staff were polite and friendly and the food was excellent. The only bad thing was the side salad.

The bill came to £179 which I don't think was too bad for four starters and main courses plus drinks, and we did get through four bottles of wine!! :-) We rounded the bill up to £200 to give the staff a well deserved tip.

All in all a good night. After we left the restaurant we went back to Rob and Lucy's for more wine and (probably a bad idea) a whiskey tasting. Lucy had been telling us during the meal that whiskey drunk neat meant that you just tasted the alcohol, but adding a tiny amount of water means you can taste the whiskey instead. We had to test this out and my god she was right!!!

Anyway, to finish, I can't recommend The Supper Club highly enough. It has always been and remains one of my favourite restaurants and I suggest you all try it out. Just don't bother ordering a side salad!!!

Thanks also to Rob and Lucy for providing excellent company as always, and thanks to Victoria for making my birthday feel special.


Tony Ruscoe said…
I agree. The Supper Club is a great restaurant!

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