Alice's Birthday Weekend Part 1 - The Party

Alice's first birthday was yesterday (the 1st November) but we decided to have a party last Sunday instead (the 30th October).

Victoria and I realised that living in a 3 bed semi did not facilitate the large parties that my mum hosts, so the numbers were kept to a comfortable 20 ish. It was still a massive amount of work by Victoria and she handled it very well.

We wanted to provide food for everyone so Victoria made quiches, Lasagne, Chicken Stroganoff, rice salad, green salad, roast potatoes, colesaw and my personal favourite, a large piece of beef done nice and rare. To cook the beef she put it in the oven for 5 minutes per pound (55 minutes in total) on full power and then turned the oven off and left it for 2 hours. This meant it was nicely cooked on the outside but really rare and tender in the middle. It was so fantastic that I even put a picture of it in the 'Alice's Birthday Weekend' pictures. The cooking process also set off our smoke alarm which added to the excitement!!

Victoria also cooked lots of sweets for people including Almond Tart, Lemon and Lime pie and little cakes for the kiddies. She also made Alice a birthday cake for Alice in the shape of a big number '1'.

I have to say that my wife is an absolute star. Getting all the food ready at the right time and it all tasting lovely makes me realise how talented she is.

The party itself was a big success. Out parents arrived first at about 12:20 and everyone was here for 1:30ish. I spent the whole afternoon running around making sure everyone had a drink. It was like I was working behind a bar again!!!! Not done that for many years but it was good fun. The food was served at about 14:30 and then everyone hung around and drank and chatted. At about 17:00 we opened Alice's presents. She got loads of pressies and I'd like to thank everyone for being so generous.

As I was so busy playing host I actually forgot to take many pictures. We were wanting some shots of our house being jammed full of people but there are none. :-( If anyone else took any photos please send them to me. There are a few of Alice opening her presents and playing with her Dolls House in the 'Alice's Birthday Weekend' pictures. At least I video-taped her present opening!

After everyone left our house was a tip. I think every knife, fork and plate was dirty!! It was all worth it though.

I'd like to finish by saying thanks to everyone who came for their presents and for making it such a nice afternoon, and thanks especially for Victoria for doing all the organisation and cooking.


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