Alice's Birthday Weekend Part 2 - The Birthday

It was Alice's actual birthday yesterday (1st November). Victoria and I woke up at about 8am and Alice woke up soon after. When she wakes up, rather than crying or anything rubbish like that, she starts singing to herself and kicking the bars of her cot.. She's so cute. :-)

We decided to greet her on the morning of her first birthday with a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. While we were looking down into her cot and singing she just stared up at us and laughed. I'm sure she was laughing because she enjoyed it and not because we looked and sounded rubbish. :-)

We then opened Alice's birthday presents with her. She was of course more impressed with the boxes than the content, but the talking mobile phone was a big hit. Hopefully it will keep her from using our cordless phones and ringing people with her random button presses.

She also liked her dolls house and her rocking horse. She also got several rooms of furniture with the dolls house which we will probably leave in the box for a couple of years and she kept trying to eat the bath.

After the presents and cards it was time for the days activities. A trip to Chatsworth Farm to see the animals. This trip was made all the sweeter thanks to my brother lending me his Chatsworth pass, saving me about £20 in entry fees and parking.

It was a really nice autumn day yesterday. Sunny but chilly in a really fresh way. We got to the farm at about 11am and had a great time. Alice was a bit scared of some of the animals, particularly the crowing roosters, but she loved the pigs and the donkey. She stroked the donkey but hit a goat on the head. I don't know what it had done wrong!!

After that we had some lunch in the Chatsworth cafe and it was off back home to finish the washing up from Sunday.

All in all it was a really nice day. Happy 1st birthday Alice. :-)


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