My Birthday

I am 36 years old tomorrow (12th November). That is past the half way mark!!!! Where did all the years go? It seems only yesterday that Action Man was being waved off to war by the girl next door's Sindy doll.

Time is really flying now. These last few years especially. It really does not seem 6 years since I turned 30, out for a few beers with the boys in the Porter Brook, no ties, staying out all night and drinking as much beer as I could. Then all of a sudden, married, child, mortgage and a sudden interest in interest rates and various types of insurance!!

Not that I am complaining. As I have already said, I've never been happier with my life, it's just that a lot seems to have happened in the last 6 years.

The next big age milestone is 40.


That will mean I am really building up speed on that slippery slope to old age and a one way trip to visit the ancestors.

Getting older does not really bother me to be honest. With every passing year I like to think I get a little wiser as well as older. Most people who know me will probably laugh when reading that but we are working in small degrees of wise here folks!! :-)

Anyway, tomorrow night Victoria and I are off out to celebrate the anniversary of my birth by going to 'The Supper Club' with Rob and Lucy. I am sure it will cost a small fortune but fine wine, fine food and good company don't come cheap.

I will tell you how drunk I manage to get next week. At least some things never change. :-)


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