Happy Birthday To Me

Well, here it is, my birthday. 36 Years old and thankfully I feel no different. I wonder what age you have to be before you suddenly feel old? Hopefully not for many years!! :-)

We have a problem.

Yesterday afternoon Alice started getting ill. She had a red face, was tired, coughing, she had a temperature. Poor little mite.

We put her to bed with a liberal dose of Calpol (wonder juice for the un-initiated) at 6pm. It took her a while to settle down but then she had a good few hours sleep.

I hate it when Alice is ill. I've said before that she never really cries so when she does it brings Victoria and I nearly to tears. She just looks so sad. :-(

I am hoping that she is much better today. If not we will have to cancel our table at The Supper Club and have Rob and Lucy round here instead. We are both so looking forward to this evening but we can't leave Alice with my mum if she's ill.

Alice is no wimp though. I'm sure she will be OK today.

As it is my birthday I also have presents and cards to unwrap and open. Goodie!!!!

I'll let you know if there was anything good. Maybe Victoria has bought me a PSP, or a new car?

Here's hoping.


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