Manchester - 7th November 2009

It's my 40th birthday on Thursday. I know, you can't believe I'm even 30 but it is true. I am 40 this week.

Victoria and I spent quite a while deciding on what to do to celebrate. I was originally going to have a party but decided against it when I realised I would rather spend my money on me instead of my friends. :-) Sorry folks!!

What we decided upon instead was a trip to Manchester for a night out. Victoria and I plus my brother and his wife Claire booked into the Arora hotel and headed there at about 9am Saturday morning.

Claire had booked lunch for 2pm so we checked into the hotel and headed out into town to do a little shopping before lunch.

Victoria and I didn't buy anything because we are moving house and need to save as much cash as possible. It was nice to window shop though and I saw some very nice yet very expensive watches. Maybe next time. :-)

After a couple of hours wandering around shops we decided that beer was required. It was 1pm after all. We headed for the local Vodka Revolution and started on the Guinness........and didn't stop until about 1:30 the next morning.

At 2pm we had a table booked at San Carlo. This was an Italian restaurant that I had never heard of before but word on the street marks it down as being fantastic, and the word on the street was right. The restaurant was packed. There is no way you could just pop in and hope to get a table. The place had a great buzz about it. A really good atmosphere. The staff were quick, but not too quick and nice an friendly, and the menu had a big selection complemented by a big specials menu. The food was superb. The best Italian I have had for ages. Everything was obviously made fresh on the premises and all the ingredients were also obviously fresh. Everything has so much flavour.

This large and excellent lunch was washed down by Peroni for the boys and champagne for the girls.

We then pub crawled our way back to the hotel, sat in the hotel bar for a couple of hours, got changed and headed out again.

We headed for Canal street and had a few beers before moving on to somewhere less 'fruity'. :-) Then Justin and I pushed everyone into a taxi and said to the driver 'Take us to where they are showing the David Haye fight'. It worked! He took us to a local casino where they had a massive projector showing the fight. The girls were not impressed! They left us too it and went back to Canal Street.

After the fight Justin and I met the girls in some pub and carried on drinking until we were all VERY drunk and had to go to bed.

We all had a great day. Children are fantastic but they prevent you from going out and getting hammered so it is nice to be able to let rip like this every now and then. The next morning though we all felt very poorly.

I am pleased I was not driving back to Sheffield. :-)

Anyway, Manchester is a great place to go out and San Carlo is surely the only place to go for lunch.

I had a great day and I am sure you all agree that me telling you all about it is just as good as if you can the the party that I never had. :-)

My actual birthday is Thursday. Make sure all presents and cards arrive on time by posting early. :-)


The Author said…
Glad you had fun - Happy Birthday you old bastard :)

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