On The Scrounge

As you know I have taken up running over the past few months. I was asked at work if I was entering a 10k race and I said no but I would enter a 5k race if I could find one.

I should have kept quiet!

G-Man managed to find a 5k race in Sheffield where you have to dress as Father Christmas while you do it. I hate fancy dress but it now appears that I and several others from the office are entering.
The real reason I an entering is because of the charity itself. Amy's Retreat helps families with children suffering from cancer and when I read the founders story it made me think of my own kids and how I would cope if they got ill. Very badly I suspect. I hope I never find out.

Anyway, the run is set for the 13th of December and is around Western Park in Sheffield. Feel free to come and watch and laugh as I stumble around the course but also please dig deep and sponsor us all by clicking here. You know you want to!!! :-)

If course, out of everyone entering I will come first and they will all be left in my dust. Looking at them they all look so weak and pathetic I would be surprised if they make it across the start line let alone the finish line. I on the other hand will probably win the entire race. ;-)

That link again in case you missed it : http://www.justgiving.com/sdlsantas

Now go. Donate!!!!


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