BBC NEWS | Magazine | The rise of the non-veggie vegetarian

BBC NEWS Magazine The rise of the non-veggie vegetarian

Good news for Vegetarians!!! Most of you are not actually vegetarians and are therefore not as big a loser as you thought. :-)

Remember folks, meat is tasty, especially pig meat in all it's many forms. Pigs are now thought to be as intelligent as dolphins and chimps which makes them even tastier in my book! Who wants to eat a dumb animal when you can eat a clever one?

I wonder how hard it is to get dolphin meat.......?



Chris said…
God how tedious. Why is so hard for some to understand that if you are a lacto-ovo-pescatarian, it's simply easier, when asked about your dietry requirements, to state that you're a vegetarian but also eat fish?
Liv got into a conversation with someone on this topic the other day, which just went around in circles until Liv said "Basically you are just an arsehole" at which point the conversation just sort of petered out, funnily enough! I tacitly tooks Liv's side and didn't get involved because frankly if some meat eater wants to get their knickers in a twist over how someone with different dietary views to their own refers to themselves, just let them get on with it. No skin of my nose.
Are you very subtly calling me an arsehole? ;-)
Chris said…
No. No I am not. BE cause I know that you are just raking the pias. And dopn't meant it. It's [people that meanm it that worry me.

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