My Last Day In My 30's

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 40 years old.

Yes, I know it is hard to believe that someone as good looking, youthful and cool as myself could be anywhere near 40 but it is true. Today is my last day in my 30's.

Am I sad, bitter, distressed or angry about being 40? No. For a start there is nothing you can do about getting older so why worry about it and secondly I count the last 10 years as the best of my life.

On my 30th birthday I was living alone in a batchelor pad. It was good at the time but when I look back at what has happened over the last 10 years my life has changed almost totally, and I mean for the better.

Firstly, Victoria and I got back together soon after I was 30 after several years apart. We got married a couple of years later and had Alice a couple of years after that. We then had Amelia almost 2 years ago. I love my family more than life itself. How can that possibly be beaten? It can't. My 30's were superb!

Don't laugh but I also consider myself 10 years wiser (you should have seen me a decade ago!!). I have better taste in music and films, discovering a love of American Folk and blues music and widening my love of foreign films past France and Germany. I also have excellent taste in wine and a huge love of good food. I have even started cooking myself recently and am mostly pleased with the results.

I have also (2 months ago) started running. I think it is a good way of losing a few unwanted pounds and it keeps you fit. I can now run 5km and do so 3 times a week. I consider that a great achievement and I'm proud that I can do it. I am going to increase my runing so I can go further and I am even entering a 5km race in December. OK, so I will be dressed as Father Christmas but it's still a 5km race. :-)

Let's just say that I have grown as a person in the past decade, and I don't just mean my waistline. :-)

They say life begins at 40 but to be honest if it continues as it has for the past decade I will be happy.

So, goodbye 30's and hello 40's. I welcome you with open arms.


Victoria said…
Aahhh that's really nice! But you've probably peaked & it's all down here from now, loosing your hair, divorce, teenage pregnancies blah blah blah ;)

That was a joke by the way - happy birthday lover xx
Nick said…
Well done Christian! Something for all us youthful 30-somethings to aspire to.

Happy birthday
The Author said…
Christian - my dearest oldest friend. I have known you for what seems like a lifetime - it is actually more than half your lifetime. You have been the best friend any one could ever wish for and we have had some mighty times over the years. You supported me through some very dark days and have laughed with me and been part of the lightest days of my life. I have many, many wonderful memories - and I hope there are many more to come (don't mention the door!) I am truly honoured to be friends with such a fine man. You are a fantastic father and a wonderful husband to Victoria, and you deserve every single ounce of happiness that you enjoy. I love you very much indeed. Not absolutely sure that the 'shorts and vest for running' ensemble is such a good look for you - but as for everything else - there's not a better man out there. I'm glad that you're glad that you're forty - it's a great age...believe me I should know!

Truly honoured to have you as my friend...Much Love Tracy x

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