More Cooking - Focaccia

This weekend I decided to do some more cooking. I decided to have another attempt at a quiche which failed last time due to my crap pastry making skills and I decided to make some more bread. This time a Focaccia bread.

The pastry was once again crap. I seem to have real problems making it. It all goes together fine and feels nice and soft but when I try to roll it out it all falls to bits. Anyone with any suggestions they will be welcomed.

Bread however it a different matter all together. My first attempt at a white loaf was a great success and this weekends Olive and Rosemary Focaccia was also a big success, as you can see by the picture above.

I love making bread. I hate making pastry. Can you guess which one I will be making more of? :-)


The Author said…
Buy ready made frersh pastry from tesco - works for me!
But then I would not learn how to make it myself.
Liv said…
The secret to making pastry (or one of the secrets) is keeping everything really really cold, including your hands. I often stick the bowl I am mixing the pastry dough in into the freezer for a while before I start making the pastry, this helps.
Fifilatrix said…
im with Liv here especially the cold hands !

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