We had a really nice Easter this year. Alice had of course been excited about it for weeks and was looking forward to having lots of Easter eggs. Last year when people asked if they should get her an egg we said 'No, she will have loads' to too many people and she didn't get very many. We felt guilty about that so this year we made sure she had loads of eggs.

We have also convinced her that the Easter Bunny is working with Father Christmas and that they have a shared naughty/nice list. If Alice is not good the Easter Bunny will know and reduce the egg count. It worked a treat but we now need another mythical character to cover us over the summer. Any ideas?

Easter Sunday was just the four of us. We started the day with an Easter egg hunt which Alice loved and Amelia wandered around oblivious to. Great fun.

Victoria and I decided to have goose for lunch as I have strangely never tried it. It was delicious if not slightly expensive (£55 for an 8.5 lb bird!!!)

The only bad thing about Easter was that I had a stinking hangover all day after going out for a few too many beers with my brother the night before.

Pictures are available here.


Victoria said…
And I got a lovely new iPhone! Thank you xxxx

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