Alice's First Cinema Trip

I have been off all this week. I thought I would extend the Easter weekend to a full week as I had not had any time off since Christmas.

Alice and I decided that it was about time she went to the cinema to see a film instead of watching one at home so as I was off we decided that last Tuesday was the time and Monsters vs Aliens was the film.

It may not seem like a bit thing taking your four year old daughter to the cinema but as Alice is a total wuss who is scared by the dark and by loud noises it was a big thing for her.

I decided to pay a pound extra for the posh seats so that there would be plenty of room in case Alice wanted to sit on my knee. Good job I did too. :-) I was also the only parent who paid the extra and we were the only ones sat in the posh seats. It obviously means that I love Alice more than they love their children. :-)

The lights went down and all was fine. Alice was very brave indeed. It was only when the giant robot was attacking San Francisco that it all got a bit too much for her and she moved from her own seat to my knee. That was where she stayed for the rest of the film.

She said she really enjoyed her first trip to the cinema but when I asked her if she would like to go again she said "No. It's too loud". I am sure she will get over it eventually.

I also asked her if she would like to watch Monsters vs Aliens on DVD when it is available and she also said no because it was too loud. I explained that at home we could turn the volume down and she was much happier about the prospect.

All in all a good trip. Alice was very brave and the film was surprisingly good. Recommended.

Well done Alice.


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