Making Children Look Stupid.

Children are funny. They are hilarious in fact. This is mostly unintentional on their part when they are very young but they become natural performers as they get older, and due to their clumsiness and general daftness they continue to be hilarious.

However, they are also a massive burdon to their parents. We have to endure sleepless nights, tantrums, food thrown all over the house, precious things broken, houses that look like a terrorist has blown up a Toys R Us in our lounge, having to disconnect the power and reset buttons on your PC after children discover pressing them makes the screen go blank when mummy or daddy are just trying to read their email, and many other hardships.

We think that they odds are stacked in the favour of the child and that they are not funny enough to make up for all the pain they cause. It is therefore imperative that we as parents balance out the funny/pain levels.

There are many ways to do this but Victoria and I have always gone with the 'Make you child look stupid and take pictures for showing people in later years' approach. Sometimes it goes a bit too far but most of the time it is great fun.

Anyway, the point of this post....

We are off camping in Wales in August and have already been buying the things we will need. We went to CCC yesterday and found the lovely rain suit that Amelia is wearing in the photo above. The picture does not show it but it even has fluorescent strips on the hood and back. Classic!!!

Yet another classic example of making your child look stupid. If any parents out their have any of their own examples I would love to see them. :-)


The Author said…
Am creased laughing at that picture of the haircut - CLASSIC - don't think you need any help with making them look stupid!!! have fun. When Dan was 13 I used to sing and dance in Tesco just to embarrass her. She hated it and is still mentally scared. There is also 'hoovering their room at 7am' - but that's better for teenagers. I have a whole list of 'revenge against the child' tactics, and I would be happy to share them with you for a small fee.

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