Victoria's Facebook Friends

We have all been using Facebook for a couple of months now. Some people think it is a bit crap (me) and some people think it is the best thing ever (everyone else). Soon everyone will get bored with it and see that I am correct. :-)

Victoria finally took the plunge this week and signed up to Facebook. Her cousins are members and she wants to keep up with what they are doing. She also knows most of my friends and has added some of them. Phil and Ryan actually beat her to the punch and added her before she could add them.

Last night Victoria was saying thay she now had several friends on facebook and that she was pleased Ryan added her as a friend.

"Why specifically Ryan" I asked.

"He's my cool friend" she replied.

"What do you mean, what about me?" I said.

"Oh you have never been cool, and most of your friends are a bit geeky" she said. "That is why I'm pleased to have Ryan as a friend as he is cool".

Charming, and I thought I was cool on a par with Johnny Depp!


David Callaghan said…
You cant get cooler than a SUPERMAN lookalike as a friend
Clark Kent!!! Not Superman.

She means you are clumsy and you wear specs. :-)
The Author said…
Now I'm really laughing. Christian - you are so very cool...and so am I. Of course I am assuming that I fit into Victoria's 'cool' list? Please check this for me.

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