British Grand Prix - Friday Practice

As most of you will already know as I have been going on about it for months, this weekend Victoria and I are at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. Well, Friday practice is over and Lewis Hamilton is the fastest. Let's hope he keeps up the good work over the weekend!

Victoria and I arrived at Silverstone at about 10:30. There was a little traffic but nothing too bad. We made our way to the nearest stand (Abbey) and watched the incredible F1 cars fly past up. Victoria was so excited at this point she was nearly in tears. :-) I'm so pleased she is enjoying the weekend.

We then decided to walk round the circuit. As we had roaming grandstand tickets for the Friday it meant we could try out all seating options and decide where was best. We only had the 'General' tickets so today would be the only time we could enter most places so we used the opportunity to see where we would like to be in the future if we decided to spend more than £99 on a ticket.

The first place we tried was Stowe corner and it was crap! The tickets were twice the price of ours and you were 3 times as far from the cars as we were and they were blocked by fencing. Becket's was no better, being miles from the track but at least covered. They only seats we liked were the pit lane grandstand which cost £250 per ticket. Maybe next year. ;-)

So, after walking around the entire track we decided to watch the qualifying and the race from Abbey corner, which is where we started. :-)

We had a fantastic first day and I have LOADS of pics but I have no time to sort, tidy and upload them so I have just done one, the picture of Lewis Hamilton above. There will be MANY more if you are interested.

I''ll try to post again tomorrow (we have wireless in our hotel room) and I will obviously do a proper post after the weekend when all the pics are uploaded.

If you watch the race look out for us on Abbey!


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