Potty Training

This week is potty training week for Alice. After 2.5 years of not worrying about the toilet we decided it was time for a dose of the real world.

The original plan was to use training nappies. These are pull-ups like a normal pair of pants but when Alice goes to the toilet she can feel that they are wet instead of feeling dry like in a normal nappy. She should then feel discomfort without any mess and soon be begging to use the potty. Great plan if it had worked. Every time Alice soiled these training nappies she would happily get a new one, walk up to me or Victoria and say "I've got a wet nappy" while handing us it's replacement.

Plan B: Put Alice in normal cotton pants and when she wees drag her to the potty. We know she hates it when she has little accidents so this was surely going to work.

We have just completed day 2. We went through 11 pairs of pants yesterday and 12 today. I am guessing we have a 40% success rate.

If all is well Alice will pull a face and make a moaning sound while running up to the potty. We then have to quickly pull her pants down and sit her down before she wets her feet.

If things go slightly less well Alice will start urinating and we will have to grab her and drop her on the potty to prevent as much spillage as possible.

If all goes horribly wrong she just lets rip wherever she is standing, normally as far away from the potty as she can be. You can see an example of the latter case in the picture above. Let me tell you the puddle is not water!! :-)

To be fair Alice is getting better. The whole process should take a week and this is only day 2. It is just such an exhausting thing to do as you have to be constantly watching her. Look away for one moment and you will be mopping the floor again. Also remember that I am at work most of the time so it is my poor pregnant wife that is suffering.

All this effort will obviously be worth it, and it has to be done at some point. We can't have her in a happy at 16!! Just remember, if you come round to our house excuse the smell of dettol!

Oh yes, I've not even mentioned her number 2's. Maybe I'll save that for another day. :-)


The Author said…
At least girls are easier to potty train than boys.
Anonymous said…
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