A Geek's Paradise

When Victoria and I moved into our current house there was just her and myself. Our house has three bedrooms so we used the main bedroom for ourselves, I had the second bedroom for an office/server room and the third smallest room was for guests.

Then Alice came along and I was kicked out of the second bedroom and pushed into the smallest room. It was a bit of a squeeze but I managed to fit 2 desks, 4 PC's and 5 monitors in there along with all my network switches/routers etc.

As you all know, Victoria is now pregnant again so guess who is getting kicked out of his nice little room? You guessed it. Me!

So now the problem is what to do with all my servers. I was originally going to shift them into the new shed but as I have not yet bought it and I would have to get power installed to it I am ruling this option out. No, the only place for the servers is under the stairs in the gas/electric meter cupboard.

I'm not meaning the PC Victoria and I use daily goes under the stairs you understand, that is going into the dining room. Just the servers/routers/switches etc will be there.

So, I am upgrading one of my servers to host the other and my firewall as virtual machines, building a large RAID5 disc array from 4x500GB drives giving me 1.5TB of usable redundant storage space. This will go under the stairs with the switch. I will get Kevin the electrician to put CAT5 cable all over the house as he can do it and make it invisible and Bob's your uncle.

I'm looking forward to building my new server. It will be a 3.2 Pentium4, 4GB RAM, 250GB system drive (mirrored), 1.5TB usable drive space (RAID5) running Windows 2003 R2 64bit and Exchange Server 2007. Lovely.

Sometimes it's good to be a geek. :-)

Oh yes, if you either understood any of the technical specs above or were remotely interested in this post, you too are a geek!!


Tim said…
This weekend I will be upgrading my server to a Core 2 Quad, 8GB of RAM and re-arranging my 2.7TB RAID 5 array.

No, I'm not a geek
Mate, you are the master geek!! :-)
Chris said…
I have a similar predicament with baby Riley on the way, but not quite the same level of hardware. My choices are mainly which bits do I take down the tip, and which bits do I keep!
The Author said…
yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn. I had a similar problem when I bought a new saddle!!!! Where do I put the old one - solution, put up a saddle rack in the spare wardrobe upstairs, but move the clean bedlinen first. We have other spare wardrobes and are prepared to rent them out at £100 per month if anyone's interested!!!

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