Quick Film Reviews

I watched several films over the Christmas holidays. Here are some very quick reviews.

Flushed Away : Done by the people who brough us Wallace and Grommit and Shrek. Very well made, funny and a good story. Well worth a viewing.

Rocky Balboa : I love Rocky films and this one could have been crap, but oh no, it was great. It was a bit silly when you see a 60 year old man fighting in a professional boxing match but it does not matter. It's a character driven story about a man who had everything and wants one last taste of greatness. Brilliant.

DOA : Dead Or Alive : This film is based on the Dead Or Alive videogame on the Xbox. The 'plot' has fighters from around the world coming together for the DOA competition. It is actually an excuse for Holly Valance and several other attractive actresses to fight in slow motion while wearing very few clothes. Highly recommended! ;-)

King Kong Extended Edition : This is the same sort of thing as you get with the Lord Of The Rings extended editions. There are 20 minutes of extra footage, most of it monster based. There is a great extra scene involving a river trip where they get attacked by a giant fish. If you like King Kong you will love this version.

Ghostbusters : Victoria bought me the Ghostbusters 1 and 2 box set for Christmas. We have all seen it and it is just as good as it always was.

Employee Of The Month : By the numbers comedy where an attractive girl comes to work at a Staples type store in America and the other workers find out she has a thing for the 'Employee Of The Month'. They then go through lots of 'hilarious' antics to win and bed the girl. It's actually crap but if you want to waste 90 minutes on a film that requires zero brainpower this is a good example of the genre.

SAW 3 : The same as the first two films. People get kidnapped and put in various nasty machines designed to remove one part of your body from the other parts. Very gory. If you like the first two you will like this one.

Severance : Shaun Of The Dead meets Deliverance. A British comedy horror in which a company team building weekend goes rather wrong. Funny, gory, excellent.

Happy Feet
: Dancing Penguins. Brilliant music, brilliant animation, brilliant film. My top recommendation!


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