Monday, January 22, 2007

New Look

As you can probably tell I have changed the look of my website.

As I have neither the design skills nor the patience to create my own I searched the web and found a great website with lot's of templates on it called BloggerTemplates.

Unfortunatly, after I upgraded my template I discovered the nice animated menu's do not work in Internet Explorer 7 properly.

Oh well, everyone should be using Firefox anyway. :-)

UPDATE : The site is now working in IE.


Chris said...

How the frick do I get to your archives?

Chris said...

Oh sorry, ignore that, I got confused.

HotPhil said...

I had a shiny new template before you. AND in near-corporate colours.
Therefore I am better.

Christian Briddon said...


Your site still has the default text on it for your profile. It's not even at the beta stage yet!!

Therefore I am better.

Oh yes, Kiss it bitch.

David said...

Are you and Phil ... "Keeping up with the Jones'"

"Who will win... you decide" BB

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