New Blogs

I have added two more blog links to my site. Ryan and Mark from work have decided that us bloggers are so cool they wished to join our ranks.

I have to warn you all that they are both in their early twenties and Ryan even lives with his parents, so their sites will probably not contain much of interest to us old folks. They will probably be full of talk of girls they would like to lose their virginity with and beer. If we are lucky there will be an interesting article on how to steal or 'TWOK' a car and how to get the perfect 'Grind' with your skateboard.

Still, take a look, you never know what you will find.


Anonymous said…
It may also be worth pointing out that Ryan conducts his life on the wrong side of the law. And not in a good Torchwood-type way. He may well end up behind bars soon.
Ryan Betton said…
Any man who wears Lycra should be behind bars...
OboeJane said…
Not that i'm hip to the young person slang or anything, but isn't it "TWOC" (taking without owner's consent) rather than "TWOK" ???
It is indeed 'TWOC' rather than 'TWOK'.

I was wondering when someone would mention that and you win the prize. :-)

I was implying that the youth of today can not spell.

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