How Grown Up?

This picture of Alice was taken when she was all dressed up for the Ballet. Victoria and her mum too Alice to see Angelina Ballerina in Buxton.
Alice wore her best dress and I can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture. It does not seem long since she was born but it was 4 1/2 years ago!

Of course in all the other pictures she looks like a 4 year old but in this one she just looks beautiful.

Maybe it's me seeing her with a parents eyes. :-)


Victoria said…
Just gorgeous... who'd think that only yesterday this same angelic child was screaming in a shop "I will only love you if you buy me this pink jacket" - a true girl I suppose!!!
The Author said…
Ha ha ha - go Alice!!!! I love that = screaming in a shop????? I might give that a go myself the next time something I want catches my eye!!! Bless her - Do your children have a 'naughty step' or do you just threaten them with a visit to 'Aunty Tracy's?" xx
Victoria said…
Lol! We threaten them with a visit to someone's house! Can't say who, I'll tell you tomorrow ;)

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