How Middle Aged Am I? :-)

I have finally fitted my roof box and I am really pleased with it. For some reason I think that this is a really exciting purchase.

I bought the box a few weeks ago but it has taken me a while to bother getting the roof bars. I finally got some Thule ones from Halfords on Tuesday and fitted them that afternoon and today I finally fitted the box itself.

I took it for a ride down the bypass to make sure it was not going to fall off at speed and there was not a rattle. Alice was a little alarmed though when I threw a few of her stuffed toys in before we left so they could have a ride. :-)

As this is my first roof box I have made one small error in my purchase. The box I bought will only open on one side which means I need to grow my arms by 6 inches to fit the side with the hinge. If anyone has any hints on fitting let me know.

All together though I think it looks quite stealthy, for a roof box.

I'm so middle aged. :-)


The Author said…
Indeed you are my dear! It's trousers with elasticated waistline next. Let me know when you've been to the Garden Centre and purchased some 'Pathclear' weed killer - that is a sure sign of middle age! Love you and see you Friday for Curry!!!

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