Should I Buy A New iPhone, Even Though O2 Are Ripping Off The UK?

I have wanted an iPhone ever since I bought one for Victoria a few months back. I was very impressed with everything about it, and as I knew they would be announcing new models at the beginning of June, and my current T-Mobile contract ends on the 21st June I thought I would make one my next phone.

As predicted the new models were announced. Better camera, compass and some other rubbish but most importantly, a 32GB model which is what I really wanted so that the phone would also replace my old and dying ipod.

The US prices for the 32GB and 16GB models were the same as the 8 and 16GB models last year so I guessed that they would be the same price as the old models in the UK.

er, No.

The 16GB model is more expensive than the old 16GB model and the 32GB model is around £275 on an 18 month contract! This is almost $450! $150 more than the US price. What a con!

I could always buy the 16GB model for £180 but I really want the 32GB model. Should I pay £275 for the phone? Should I buy the 16GB model? Is it really worth paying £6.25 per GB for the additional memory when we all know memory prices are really low at the moment? I just don't know!

To tell the truth I do know. I will probably pay the money for the 32GB model, but while I am handing over my cash to the drone in the O2 shop I will be muttering something about robbing bastards under my breath!


Victoria said…
Just buy it ... my ears are begining to bleed :)
The Author said…
I agree with Victoria. You're only talking about a few quid - I know, I's the principle of the thing - but you're beginning to sound like Victor - and that's not a good thing. Be reckless - go for it - and love your rocks :) I love my i-phone xx

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