Prison Break

Now that all the TV shows Victoria and I watch (Lost, 24 etc) have finished and there is nothing until October at the earliest to watch we have had to find something new to occupy our evenings as the £37 per month I pay to Sky just gives us 500 channels of shit.

After many recommendations we decided that Prison Break would be the programme to fill the void.

Neither of us had watched any episodes of Prison Break but we knew the general premise. Guy gets put on death row for a crime he didn't commit and his brother decides to break him out of prison from the inside. He tattoo's the plans of the prison on his body and gets arrested and sent to the same prison as his bro. We then get 22 episodes of various bits of planning/setbacks etc.

We finished the first series the other night and I must say we very much enjoyed it. It manages a level of realism that makes 24 look like real life, hell, it makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer look real, but it does not matter. This is a great show. It has the right amount of tension and cliffhangers and the escape plan is good enough to keep you guessing, even though most of it is bollocks. :-) Oh yes, this must be the only high security prison where nobody swears!

I would recommend this show to anyone. Just don't question the plot too much.

Now on to series 2. :-)


Chris said…
Sadly series 2 is nowhere near as "good". Still worth watching I guess, but it is much more contrived (if you can even imagine that!). The reminds me actually, I stopped watching it mid way through the season and decided to wait for the series to finish before watching in one go. Now Lost and 24 and The Shield are over, maybe I should move on to it.

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