Another Reason To Keep The TV Licence!

I have sometimes been heard to complain about paying my TV Licence. Why should we pay for the BBC and have to pay Sky for all the other TV channels.

I have recently been changing this opinion for several good reasons. Firstly, the BBC website is second to none, providing the best news coverage ever as well as excellent sports, very handy when you are stuck at work and want to know the latest snooker or cricket scores.

Another reason is Radio 4. This radio station is incredible. The Today Programme is superb and PM, the evening drive home show (Eddie Mair is god) is amazing, with only the Archers spoiling the station. I also have to mention The Jonathon Ross show on a Saturday on Radio 2. Brilliant!

There was another, even greater reason to be happy while paying your TV licence that was broadcast last night and the previous Saturday, and that reason was the latest double episode of Doctor Who! This was without doubt the best episode of the new Doctor Who and one of the best dramas I've seen for ages. I won't go into detail about the plot but it had you on the edge of your seat all the way through, it had some great monsters (living scarecrows!!) and it will have childred scared to death whenever they look in a mirror for the rest of their lives!!

Pure genius!

I currently pay Sky £37 per month for most of their channels and lets face it, there is very little to watch. We download more TV than we watch on Sky. When you watch something as high quality as Doctor Who for £10 per month for all the BBC channels you realise that with the BBC you are getting a Rolex watch compared to the free with petrol digital watch that is Sky.

By the way, I would ditch Sky for Freeview if I could but Sky is the only digital service I can get in my area.


Victoria said…
You might think you would ditch sky for freeview, but I assure you, you wouldn't!
Liv said…
I agree with you about BBC and about Radio 4 - it rocks!
Anonymous said…
Totally agree. The BBC is excellent. Murdoch is a bastard. Fact. I did away with the thievery that is Sky, one year after signing up (minimum contract).

Freeview offers nearly everything I need with the exception of a few good American imports (Lost, 24 Prison Break)that sky poach from other broadcasters that invested in them and took the original risk. The channels on Freeview other than the BBC work on the simple premise that you put up with a few adverts in return for free tv. Sky make you pay for a subscription and then show even more adverts!

Apologies for my random rant, I just go off on one when Sky or the Murdochs are mentioned.
Nick said…
don't forget whose salary you're helping pay... :-)

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