Philli The Chilli

Several months ago Phil gave everyone at work a chilli plant as he had loads. They were all little seedings at the time but after a few months they have (mostly) grown into nice little bushes.

Ian's plant was left in the office and really took off. It was the fastest growing plant of all and was at least twice the size of everyone elses for quite a while. It has however now slowed down and even though it flowered they seem to have fallen off without giving any chilli goodness.

Phil has many plants at home which he says are doing well but he also has one at work. I think he wanted to see if it grew as quickly as Ian's plant. Unfortunatly it has grown into the elephant man of chilli plants and it has had an aphid problem as well. This twisted mutant plant could only give twisted mustant chilli's that I would never eat. As Phil had sprayed the plant with aphid killing chemicals it can't exactly be considered organic either.

McStreet has always said his plant is doing very well and a month or so ago said it had sprouted chilli's. This is several weeks before any of the other plants had even flowered. We asked for proof and all he could provide were some blurry photo's that could have been anything. Honestly, I've seen clearer pictures of the Loch Ness Monster!!! Next he will be trying to sell us London Bridge!!

Dave also had a chilli plant which seemed to be doing well the last time Victoria and I visited but Luke knocked it over and I'm not sure if it ever recovered!!

So, now we come to mine and Victoria's plant. Victoria christened it Philli as it was given to us by Phil. Philli has been growing steadily all along. It has nice deep green leaves and not a sign of any insects making a home on him. It also flowered last week and this weekend we noticed that the first chilli's were appearing. As you can see from the picture above the first one is a fine example!!! It's only tiny at the moment but it is growing fast so I am sure we will have a nice harvest soon. Exciting this chilli plant growing isn't it!! You can see more pics here and here.

And Mark, if your plant really has grown chilli's please supply a better picture. The blurred Yeti style pics just won't do!! :-)


The Author said…
I remember the days when it was all booze and Rock and Roll with you - oh how middle age creeps up suddenly so that now you're more interested in vegetable growing!!!! I have to say that 'Philli' looks a bit like a triffid and if you're not careful it wll take over your house. Be careful that it doesn't eat Alice!!!
Trust me Trace, Chilli growing IS the new Rock and Roll!!!! :-)
Anonymous said…
I inspected my two outdoor chilli plants yesterday. They were doing well the last time I checked. But the recent rain has brought out many slugs. And the slimy critters have caused much havoc.
I have taken preventative measures and will report back.
The Author said…
For 'Hotphil' - slug solution - go to garden centre and buy some self-adhesive copper tape (about 3 cms wide). Stick it around the top of your pots - slugs slide up, hit copper, get electrocuted and fall back down, stunned, to the floor. Honestly - it works like a treat. If you ask for copper slug tape they will know what you mean!!!!
Anonymous said…
David Callaghan said…
Dave's Chilli plant has made a full recovery...

Alas no spicy fruit yet :(

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