Things are starting to happen...

I said in my previous post that the reason I have not added much to the site recently is because not a lot has happened. Thankfully the drought seems to be coming to an end.

Tomorrow we are going to London to see 'We Will Rock You' and have a jolly nice day in the capital. We are eating at Ooze and doing a bit of shopping.

As we don't have Alice this evening we decided a visit to our favourite restaurant was in order so we are off to Moran's in 15 minutes.

We have more things coming up as well. We are finally getting the bathroom ripped out and replaced with a nice new one. The workmen start next Tuesday and unfortunatly, due to the Easter break it will take about 10 days to finish. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end.

I am also off work for the week after Easter. We are planning some more day trips which sounds like fun. I think we will probably avoid Mablethorpe though. :-)

At the end of April it is Jane's birthday and she is having a punk themed party to celebrate. Victoria and I are really looking forward to this and are actually making an effort to get dressed up!!! WOW!!!

So, as you see, lots to come. I've not even mentioned the cricket in May and the Grand Prix in July!!!


The Author said…
You completely forgot to mention that Tracy came us from Surrey and called in to see you - but you weren't in - so she said Hello to Victoria and Alice instead, and then went back to Surrey again!!!
Actually I left that out on purpose as it was obvious by the way you came round mid-morning with a pre-written 'Sorry I missed you' letter that you are no longer bothered about seeing your oldest and dearest friend. :-(

Now I must go and drown my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey and then beat both Victoia and Alice, all because you are so mean for not coming to see me when you were in Sheffield.

I'm crying while I'm typing this {sniffle}.
The Author said…
No, no, no...the reason that I had the pre-written note was just in case you weren't's because I anally organised and think of every eventuality. I did think that you might be at work though seeing as it was the middle of the day! Anyway, you can talk - you've just been to London and didn't come to see me. I promise I'll come again soon and may even ring you before hand to see that you are in - mind you now that I've rented out the house I may have to stay with you - ha ha ha!!!

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