Nothing To See Here

I've not posted much recently, mainly because not a lot has happened. We are in the post Christmas 'nothing going on' period.

Since my last post what have I got to tell you? I finished chopping down the tree I mentioned in my previous post. The bottom half was much bigger and heavier than the top half so I had to get my neighbour to help me shift it. It's all done now thank god, with just the fence it landed on to repair.

Last weekend we had the family round for Sunday lunch as it was Mothers day. Victoria has always wanted to cook a Christmas dinner but without the stress, so that is what we had, a full Christmas dinner. It was brilliant, and I managed to get more than a little drunk thanks to some excellently chosen wine (chosen by me of course!!) and an excellent bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask which I enjoyed too much! A good day was had by all.

Alice is still growing and talking more. She's got a proper personality and everything! As you can see from the photo she has also got some sunglasses which she refuses to remove. There are more pictures of her here.

We are going to London next weekend to see 'We Will Rock You'. I have no idea what it will be like but Victoria and I like Queen so how bad can it be? Chris and Liv have been recommending Ooze as a place for lunch so we might pop in there for a bite to eat. Maybe I should ring them and book a table......

Anyway, that's all. Nothing to see here, move along....


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