Jools Holland - Sheffield City Hall

Victoria and I went to see Jools Holland last night at the Sheffield City Hall. If you remember, Victoria bought these for me as a wedding anniversary gift and after much deliberation I decided to take her with me. ;-)

I've not been to the city hall for years and they have given it a major refurb recently. To be honest it didn't look much different apart from the bar being very red. Most of the changes seem to be outside in Barkers Pool. It's always a good place to see a band though as wherever you sit you get a good view and as Jools went to great lengths to mention it is very good accoustically so it always sounds good.

Our seats were in the stalls on row G so we were pretty close to the front. It still amazes me how close you are to the performers at this venue when you compare it so places like the Arena, where even at the front you still seem to be very seperated from the artist.

First came the support act. I singer called Laura Michelle Kelly. She is apparently also an actress and is in the new Tim Burton version of Sweeny Todd. Her music is a sort of lite jazz. A kind of Norah Jones sound but with more guitar. Check it out. I really liked it.

At about 20:15 Jools Holland came on. He walked on stage and just started belting out the most amazing piano you can imagine. Then the band came on. There were 16 of them comprising of 5 sax players (2 tenor, 2 alto and one baritone) 4 trombone players, 3 trumpets, bass guitar, drummer, organ and guitar. Of course fronting them all was Mr Holland.

They spent an hour or so banging out the most amazing music. I didn't know many of the songs but that didn't matter.

Each of the band members took it in turn to do a solo and they were all fantastic musicians. They were also joined on stage by Ruby Turner, Jools Holland regular and famous singer in her own right, who has an amazing voice.

Things were going well until the 'special guest' was introduced. It was Lulu.

We had enjoyed a good hour of fantastic music and when Lulu appeared it all went a little flat. She came on and sang a few songs, finishing with 'Shout'. My god, how long can anyone dine out on one song?

She also looked ridiculous. Imagine your mum dressed like Cher and you kind of get the picture.

Anyway, she buggered off after a bit and things got going again. Another 45 minutes of great music.

We both really enjoyed this gig and we will probably be booking for next year as he apparently comes to Sheffield every Christmas. If you are thinking of going though book early. Victoria bought our tickets in June!!!

To sum it up, bloody brilliant apart from Lulu.


Anonymous said…
I caught a bit of the Take That concert on the telly the other week and thought exactly the same when they wheeled out Lulu. She was wearing the most ridiculous outfit and it all smaked of desperation somehow.
Anonymous said…
smacked sorry.

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