A Grown Man Reduced To Tears

This evening Victoria and I put Alice to bed as usual.

She was all tucked up in bed (Alice, not Victoria) and I gave her a kiss good night as usual and said "Night night, love you"

Alice replied for the first time with " Night night, I love you"



The Author said…
Aaaaaaaaaah......that's so sweet. Bless her - and bless you too!!! Enjoy the next few years while she loves you, and then endure the later teenage years when she hates you!!!! Well, not exactly hates you but thinks you're an idiot, and constantly rolls her eyes every time you speak!!!! I know you can't believe that she'll be like that looking at her now - but she will!!! Mind you - Dan may have been emotionally damaged in some way as a child for being blamed for spilling coffee or something? No No No, I;m kidding...I'm sure little Alice WON'T turn into Kevin!!!!

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