An Excited Alice

This weekend we bought and put up our Christmas tree. Alice didn't really know what was happening and I'm pretty sure she has no recall of her previous two Christmas' so this is all still pretty new to her.

I put the tree in the stand (after the usual 30 minutes hacking at the base to make it fit!!) and brought it in the house.

Alice saw it and spent 45 minutes dancing round in a circle saying "A twee, a twee".

When I told her it was actually a Christmas tree she repeated "It's a Cwismas Twee."

She get's cuter every day and we've not even decorated the tree yet!!!

Alice also recently went to a friends birthday party. It was a fancy dress party and she went as Fifi from Fifi And The Flowertots. She looked really cute and you can see a picture of her here.


The Author said…
I hope that you have chocolate ornaments on your tree for Alice - I vaguely remember the excitement of being able to eat the tree ornaments when I was about her age!!!
There are indeed chocolate ornaments, as well a gingerbread Christmas tree's.

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