The End Of The Jack Bauer Power Hour?

Victoria and I watched the last episodes of season 5 of 24 last night. What a great finale. It's been a couple of weeks since Jack has killed anyone and so last nights double hand to hand combat kill came as a welcome relief.

Unfortunatly the season did not end well for Jack who (not to spoil it for people watching on Sky) had better like spring rolls!!!

I'm thinking of mounting a rescue attempt. Who's with me????

I've bought season 1 on DVD so Victoria and I are going to start watching them all again from the beginning over the summer. Life without Jack is just not worth even contemplating. I reckon we can watch all five seasons before the next one starts. :-)


Chris said…
Jack doesn't need our help. He's just toying with the Chinese, pretending to be injured. Any moment he's going to jump up, kill them all with a single punch and then swim back across the Pacific to LA and as soon as he gets there he'll still have enough energy to save the world several times a day.

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