Baby Review : Isabella Grace

This weekend we went down to Norbury to meet Victoria's cousin Liz's new baby. Liz and Ed had a baby girl on the 1st May and called her Isabella Grace.

Isabella is a cute little thing. I would say she scores 9.5 on the Alice scale of cuteness, with only Alice scoring a perfect 10 of course. :-)

I had forgotten how little newborn babies were. Now that Alice is running around making as much noise as she can it's hard to believe she was ever the same size as Isabella.

She was also very well behaved, sleeping most of the time and occasionally waking up for a stretch or a quick feed. When I held her she was a bit wriggly but I put that down to me being out of practice holding such little babies.

We were all having a nice time until Alice decided to burn her hand (see below) which cut the day short. It was still nice to meet the new addition to the family and I can see Isabella and Alice getting up to all sorts of mischief in the future.

Congratulations Liz and Ed. :-)


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