Alice's First Accident

Alice had her first proper accident on Saturday. When I say proper accident I mean that a trip to hospital was involved!!

We were on a visit to Norbury to meet Victoria's cousin's new daughter (see next post) and Alice decided that touching the hot plate of a hostess trolly was a good idea.

We knew the trolly was there and Alice of course wanted to spend most of the day in it's vicinity so we were extra cautious, following her everywhere. At about 15:30 however both Victoria and I were distracted for a mere moment and Alice took this opportunity to touch the hotplate. She only really brushed it but it obviously hurt as she was really crying and would not stop. Her hand was red and blisters eventually appeared. :-( It was almost as distressing for Victoria and I as it was for Alice.

We took her to Stafford hospital but there was a 2 hour wait and it was full of dodgy looking people who smelt of alcohol, so we decided to come back to Sheffield and take her to the Childrens Hospital. Once there we were seen within a few minutes.

Alice by this time had got over her ordeal and was happily using the injured hand as we were telling the receptionist how worried we were. No matter how much we tried to convince her Alice refused to act more poorly. :-)

The doctor said the burn was mild and they burst the blisters and wrapped the hand up in a comedy sized bandage. She looks like she is wearing a boxing glove!! We have to keep it dry and take her back on Friday to have it removed and the hand checked.

The next morning Alice woke up and was using the hand as though it were free of it's huge bandage. The lack of fingers really does not seem to bother her.

We felt really guilty about Alice hurting herself but what can you do? No matter how careful you are these things are going to happen and I don't think we have done too bad to have had 18 months without a hospital trip.

I have to say that the staff at the Childrens hospital were great. They were friendly, great with Alice and they explained everything to us. They do a really great job and I will be making a donation this week.


The Author said…
And so you should feel guilty - only took your eyes of her for a minute - I bet!!! You were probably asleep pissed in a corner somewhere after spending the child benefit on cheap wine and fags. Poor Alice - so neglected. I have the number for social services and I'm dialling them right now.....(only kidding! - don't beat yourselves up - all kiddies have accidents, it's part of the deal. I once stabbed myself in the leg with my Dad's Stanley knife. As more accidents happen you'll become more used to it, and maybe even a little blase!!! "Axe in your head? sweetie?, don't worry, Daddy'll kiss it better. Off you go back outside to play!"
Chris said…
Injuries are an essential part of childhood development. I believe it was Batman's father, Thomas Wayne who said: "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

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