Tracy's New Blog Site

Another blog site appeared on t'internet yesterday. My friend Tracy has decided now is the time to shre her thoughts and opinions with the world.

Tracy is one of my oldest and dearest friends. In the many years I have known her (about 15 years) she has constantly entertained me with her high jinx and crazy adventures. I can honestly say that had I never met Tracy my life would have been much less fun.

Tracy is 42 with a 16 year old daughter (Danielle). When I first met her she was rather loaded and used to let me borrow her Mercedes SL to take young ladies out. Very nice of her. She unfortunatly had issues with the whole 'earn money and pay half of it as tax' system and eventually got a tax bill bigger than the US defence budget. No more Merc or nice house on Abbey Lane. Still, Tracy's bankruptcy meeting is such a pleasent memory ;-)

When she was younger Tracy went to the cinema to see 'Private Benjamin' She thought that the army looked like so much fun she signed up for a couple of years.

She also has two horses. I think that people who keep horses are a little weird. If you ask me the French have it right when they eat these majestic yet obviously stupid animals. Tracy has two of the things. I'm sure that her blog will be full of horse related entries but what she won't tell you is that she play's with the boy horse's willy. She gives some pretense of it being a necessary part of horse grooming but I think she just likes it. :-)

I could tell you more about Tracy but I think the internet police would instantly shut down my site for publishing such filth.

Knowing Tracy as I do I can honestly say that under her hard, gobby, abrasive exterior beats a heart of gold and a lovely person. I am sure her blog will be full of the ramblings of a 42 year old woman but I can guarantee that it will be very funny.

Pay her site a visit, but wear sunglasses as it is VERY pink.


The Author said…
I do not EVER play with the boy horse's willy. Chris has always accused me of this and it has never happened. He's just jealous because the boy horse's willy is of course much larger than his. Equine Penis Envy.
The Author said…
hi chris its dan can u remeber the time when u spilt the black coffee on my mums cream carpet and blamed ME for it when mum came back in the room and went mad -just because you didnt want to get told off. and by the way everyone, he stood there and let me get told off for it when he knew all along it was him!(i was only 6years old) remeber that christian!? love smelly danielle
Actually Dan you were more like 3 years old, and your mum can be very scary at times. :-)

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