Work Christmas Party

Last night was my work Christmas party. We started in the pub followed by a meal at the local Novatel and then finished the night at the Leadmill as is the tradition for this occasion.

I got very drunk. I appear to have consumed far too much beer and I now have a very poorly head.

Oh well, it was all good fun and I had a great time. There are photos here.

I would write more on this great evening but I really do feel too ill. The only thing keeping me going is the thought that David (pictured above) will also be feeling just as ill. :-)


David Callaghan said…
I didn't feel ill on Saturday... just very very tired!

Slept all day Satruday afternoon (12:30 until six in the evening.

I will never never drink again (or at least until the party next year :))
The Author said…
I looked at the 'photos and on the only one of you that I could find you look remarkably sober. Your bottom lip was where it's supposed to be and everything!!!!
Oh I was drunk. The camera just caught me at a good moment. :-)

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