Christmas Whisky

I love whisky. After red wine I would say it is my favourite tipple. As far as favourite whiskys go I have always had a fondness for those produced on Islay, specifically Laphroaig.

As it is Christmas I like to make sure I am well stocked with this most excellent of drinks, and instead of my normal 10 year old Laphroaig Quater Cask I like to indulge myself.

This year have have bought a bottle of 16 year old Bowmore.

I am so happy with this choice. I opened the bottle when I got home just to have a smell and it was wonderful. You can smell fruit cake or raisins or something similar and just the smell makes you feel warm inside. Even Victoria, who does not like whisky, loved the smell. I know it is my Christmas whisky but I could not resist having just a small glass and the taste is just as good as the smell promised. It sends a warmth around your whole body and is exactly why I love Islay whiskys.

People are either whisky fans or not, and I consider someone who drinks whisky with a mixer to not be a whisky fan. :-) If you do like whisky and have not tried this particular bottle I can highly recommend it. It is packed full of flavour and due to it's fruit cake like credentials is perfect for Christmas!


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