Nothing To See Here.....

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but not a lot has happened. It's kind of been a go to work, come home, play with Alice, go to bed and repeat few weeks.

We have prepared the new nursery for the new baby. I did the prep work (stripping wallpaper, sanding, filling and sanding again) and Victoria did the fun painting part. She did a great job though and the new room looks great. Our new baby will be very snug indeed.

Victoria is all prepared for Christmas. She has bought most of the pressies and done whatever other stuff women do when preparing for Christmas. All men do is look for the best offer on beer at your local supermarket!!! :-)

Alice and I also had a birthday. I turned 38 but I think I actually look a year younger! I got lots of DVD's, Whiskey etc and drank lots over the weekend. All good fun. Alice turned 3 and got LOTS of pressies and had cake and a party. Also lots of fun. You can see her birthday pics here.

We are now just waiting for Christmas (where I once again have a designated pregnant driver) and after that the birth of baby number 2. If it is a boy we have decided to call him Muad'Dib Picard Briddon. It is a good strong name. :-)

We are also looking forwards to the next British Grand Prix (yes I know it is 8 months away!) where this year we have the best seats in the house.

I guess it kind of sounds like I am wishing my life away but I'm really not. It's just that there is nothing going on at the moment.


Victoria said…
No,you're right, nothing is going on at the moment - you try & be pregnant whilst bringing up a 3 & a 38 year old & run a house with no extra help! MAN!!!

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