Hidden Talents

On Saturday night I went to the Castle on Twentywell Road. Victoria sadly didn't come along as in her pregnant state she normally needs to go to bed at 9:30 ish so it was me, Rob, Lucy, others from school and a whole bunch of people I'd never met.

We went to the Castle to see a friend from school who was playing there. Ian plays guitar and sings. He plays his own songs as well as a few well chosen covers.

Now the Castle may be just a local pub in Bradway but the previous landlady, Danielle, had managed to build up a really good music scene which attracts local musicians from around Sheffield. This meant that there were others playing as well as Ian.

First on stage was a guy called Tom. I didn't know him until last Saturday but he's a really nice chap. He sang and played guitar and did about 5 or 6 songs, all written by himself, all good and all surrounded by witty banter with the appreciative crowd.

Next up was Ian. I've heard Ian play and sing before and he was always good but tonight he was extremely good. His guitar playing was excellent but the biggest improvement was his voice. He really is very good. He sang 10 or 12 songs over the evening, mostly his own but with covers of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'The Power Of Love' and Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'. Brilliant!

He was joined (I would say on stage but it was really in the corner!) at certain points by Danielle on backing vocals and Tom on Bongo. It was actually pointed out that it was not a bongo but in my universe that's what it was :-). There was also a small 3 piece band there who joined in with some bass guitar at certain points played by a far too talented 15 year old.

After Ian the three piece band ( I wish I knew their name) played a few songs. Their singer/bass player/lead guitar player was ,as I said, about 15 and was VERY good.

Then more musical types got up and played. It was like an open mike night. I was a little drunk by this point so didn't get the name of the next guy to get up with a guitar and sing but he was really good. Very good voice and a great guitarist.

Finally a girl got up and played who I later found out was called Charlie Barker. She was very pregnant so must have had trouble reaching round her guitar but she was brilliant. When speaking to her afterwards I found out that she had an album out which I have just purchased from play. Check out her website to have a listen.

We were then kicked out as the pub was closed. It was decided that this was not good but fortunately the owner of another public house (which shall remain nameless in case he gets into trouble) was in the Castle and suggested we carry on at his place. So, we all got into taxis, people, guitars, bongo and all and changed the venue. Then it was more drinking, guitars, bongo's etc until stupid o'clock when I got a taxi home rather drunk.

What a great night. I felt very poorly the next day. There would have been photos but some buffoon (me) forgot to pick up his camera on the way out the door!

My entire point in writing this post is that it is amazing how many very talented people there are in the most unlikely of places. Not only the brilliant musicians but I also met Maya and her husband Matt on Saturday night. Maya makes brilliant silverwear and you can see her work here.

I'm already looking forward to the next musical night at the Crown.


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